Paper/Poster Guidelines

Oral Paper / Proffered paper / E-poster guidelines:

Emails sent to those whose abstract has been selected. They have to upload power point presentations as soon as possible by link given on this page. Link has been emailed too.

You have to make paper or poster ppt presentations for this conference with all slides as per template slide.

Template power point slide is downloadable from link given on this page and also emailed you.

In case you are incorporating video/audio/other file format in your presentation, you have to upload video/audio source file separately along with your presentation.

Last date of ppt submission is 30th October.

You also have to carry your ppt presentations to the conference with you. If you have video or other format content, please carry presentation file both with and without video/audio/other file format.

Also you should have back up of your ppt presentations.

Please keep referring conference website for additional instructions.

All presentations will be displayed in auto-run format at conference venue.

Digital/e-Certificate will be emailed.

A maximum of 4 authors (including co-authors) are allowed.

For Educational video exhibit, please send separate e-mail. You will be communicated individually.

Affirmations for papers, posters and video exhibits:
  • Institutional ethics committee approval is author’s responsibility.
  • Patient confidentiality must be protected. No identifying information should appear in your presentation.
  • Do not indulge in plagiarism.
  • Content should not have been presented in other events.
  • Do not use material copyrighted by others.
  • There should not be conflict of interest. The responsibility of claim(s) of anybody or conflict of interest lie with author(s).
  • Avoid commercial reference unless absolutely necessary.
  • There is no any financial claim to organizers / committee of the conference.
Oral Paper:

Oral Paper presentations will be power point presentations of 6 minutes duration with 2 minutes for questions and discussion.

Date & time of your oral presentation will be displayed on conference website before conference commencement.

This timetable will also be displayed at oral paper room at venue.

Kindly adhere to the timings.

Proffered Paper:

Maximum 25 slides are allowed for proffered paper.

This is not oral paper presentation; you need not be remain present at display area.

Judges may ask you to be present at the time of judging.


Maximum 15 slides (excluding title and references) allowed for poster.

This is not oral presentation; you need not be remain present at display area.

Judges may ask you to be present at the time of judging.