Please read the Guideline below before submitting the Abstract.


Topic should be related to BISICON 2022 conference - Breast Imaging and related interventional procedures only. Research studies, case reports/ series, Pictorial essay, Survey can be submitted for consideration.

Title should be in lower case except for the first letter of the title, acronyms, and proper names. Please spell out any Greek or scientific characters (e.g. alpha). Trade names, special symbols should not be included in the title.

A maximum of 4 authors (including co-authors) are allowed.

Body of abstract for scientific paper should be structured:

  1. Objective
  2. Material and Methods
  3. Results
  4. Conclusion.

Body of abstract for scientific poster ( including case presentation, pictorial essay) should be structured:

  1. Background
  2. Learning objective
  3. Imaging findings
  4. Conclusion.

The body of the abstract should have a maximum of 250 words. Abstract body should have Times New Roman or Cambria fonts with 14-point font size in Microsoft Word Document format, colour Black.

Standard abbreviations are acceptable. Uncommon abbreviations must be put in parenthesis and preceded by the full word the first time it appears in the text.

Please do not include references, acknowledgements, images, graphics etc in abstract.

One can send more than one abstracts for paper/poster. Maximum credit points are (1 for paper + 1 for poster). Only presenting author will get certificate.

Online submission link: https://bisicon2022.com/abstract

Affirmations for papers, posters and exhibits
  • Institutional ethics committee approval is author’s responsibility.
  • Patient confidentiality must be protected. No identifying information should appear in your presentation.
  • Do not indulge in plagiarism.
  • Content should not have been presented in other events.
  • Do not use material copyrighted by others.
  • There should not be conflict of interest. The responsibility of claim(s) of anybody or conflict of interest lie with author(s).
  • Avoid commercial reference unless absolutely necessary.
  • There is no any financial claim to organizers / committee of the conference.

Acknowledgement of the receipt of abstract will be automatically sent to the submitter by e-mail upon the completion of submission.

Last date for abstract submission for paper/ poster is 30th September, 2022.

Evaluation committee shall review all abstracts. Paper abstracts will be chosen and divided as oral papers (power point presentation) and proffered e-papers. Those whose abstract is selected for oral paper, will present them orally during the conference. Proffered papers will be as power point display during conference only; without oral presentation. E-posters as Power point presentations will be displayed during the event; without oral presentation. Educational Video Exhibits will also be displayed during the conference.

The acceptance of abstract with type of presentation and further guidelines will be notified by e-mail to the presenting author till 20th October 2022. These guidelines will include guidelines about oral papers (power point presentation), proffered e-papers (ppt) and e-posters (ppt).

Abstract submitters can send their power point only after abstract acceptance email as per guidelines. You will also be provided slide template to prepare power point for the conference.

List of accepted abstracts shall be uploaded on conference website too.

  • No changes in the abstract contents and the authorship will be allowed after the final submission.
  • Isolated single cases will be given less priority, unless they are rare or of exceptional teaching value.
  • If you wish to withdraw your abstract, you must inform by e-mail.
  • Decision of committee regarding scientific presentations shall be binding.
Educational Video Exhibit is introduced this time.

You can present scientific video clip related to conference topic during BISICON 2022.

Examples would be:

  • Diagnostic or Interventional procedures
  • New techniques
  • Demonstrate tips or tricks in imaging or IR
  • Useful methods developed by you
  • Interpretation by scrolling images
  • Teaching any concept which requires video clip
  • Demonstration of any equipment or instrument utility
  • Vacuum-assisted biopsy, MR biopsy
  • Showcase real-time or dynamic imaging, Colour Doppler, Elastography, etc.

To apply for Video presentation, kindly convey initial information first (Description, time length of file, format, size, etc in text form) in the submission space after clicking its tab. If you have any scientific material, thought or query regarding video presentation, you can contact abstractbisicon2022@gmail.com before applying too.

Committee shall communicate with you for further proceedings for video exhibit.

There are attractive prizes for the winners of paper, poster and educational Video exhibit.

For queries regarding paper, poster and Educational video exhibit, please contact abstractbisicon2022@gmail.com.